SENECA are a new, raw and visceral Alternative Rock band from Devon, UK. Blending the sweet with the sour, the band work to bring tension and angular rhythm without ever compromising a strong sense of melody or dynamic. Bearing influences from celebrated underground genres of the past like; Post-Hardcore, Math, Noise, and Post-Rock to the more accessible sounds of Indie and Alt Rock - they repurpose these ideas in their own unique way that feels fresh, modern and wholly their own.


"Resisting the boundaries of sub-genre, the band have recently announced their debut single “The Ventriloquist'', which in its radio-ready 3 and 1/2 minute runtime manages to take you on what feels like a journey, all the way from beautiful and ethereal passages to a dense and dissonant climax. The track showcases the range of dynamics the band can pull off in a single song, all while remaining tight, coherent and simultaneously having the memorable ingredients of a great and accessible modern rock song.”



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