EXHALE, SIGHER | 15.01.21


"In ‘The Ventriloquist’, they weave the visceral rawness and reverb drenched baritone of 70s/80s post-punk with modern alternative and math-rock influences, with whiplash-inducing ramifications. It's the perfect curtain-raiser for a musically literate band who paint from an ambitiously broad pallet."

The Unsigned Guide (Spotlight)

"The music is complex and cleverly written. They very clearly embrace a broad range of influences which they manage to creatively reimagine into something fresh and original."

Tom Drakett (On The House) 

"This is without a doubt one of the most captivating releases of 2020 so far, and such a remarkable introductory single from SENECA." 

Exeter Uncovered


"Resisting the boundaries of sub-genre, the band have released their debut single “The Ventriloquist'', which in its radio-ready 3 and 1/2 minute runtime manages to take you on what feels like a journey, seamlessly weaving through beautiful and ethereal passages to a dense and dissonant climax. The track showcases the range of dynamics the band can pull off in a single song, all while remaining tight, coherent and simultaneously having the memorable ingredients of a great and accessible modern rock song.”




“Exhale, Sigher” is a multifaceted track that intends to subvert expectation and tread some new ground for us as a band. 


The angular riffing and intricate instrumental interplay of “The Ventriloquist” are explored further but with a greater emphasis on more prominent vocal melodies, emotive harmony and building tension of an almost cinematic essence.


The track recounts a personal struggle with sleep paralysis to illustrate an abstract image of hope & despair; experiencing the cruelty of imagination, but accepting that the only way forward is through resilience."



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The Cavern Club, Exeter - 03/02/20

Photo: Norton's Photography